Warrior Spirit Jujitsu presents hard-core, essential self-defense training. The three-belt curriculum focuses on fundamental movements and combinations that can work in many different situations. The material is based on the close combat skills used by Allied Forces to achieve victory in the Second World War and is designed to be mastered in a matter of weeks or months rather than years. The course is instructed by Kirk Simmons.

The Warrior Spirit Jujitsu Black Belt series consists of three ranks - Green, Brown and 1st Black (see below) - and costs only $39.95 USD. We also offer an Advanced Series for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Black Belt training for $39.95 and a Master Series for 5th and 6th Black Belts for $39.95.

Testing is accomplished with Youtube (or similar) videos or DVD's in which the student performs the requirements for each rank. The testing fee is regularly $20.00, only $15.00 per test/rank for IMAF members.

4 in by 2 in Patches now available!

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Mr. Simmons holds Dan rankings in Sin Moo Hapkido, Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido, Taekwondo, Goshin Jujitsu, Chinese Kenpo (Chuan Fa), American Kenpo, Pressure Point Fighting and White Dragon Kempo. His efforts have been recognized by several organizations: World Martial Arts Masters Society, Budokaikan International, International Assembly of Sokeship, World Nibuikai Budo Federation, International Alliance of Martial Arts Masters, the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Who’s Who in Martial Arts.


Green Belt
Primary Skills: Finger Jab, Edge of Hand, Face Smash, Hammer Fist, Yoke of Hand, Elbows, Stomps, Knee Strike, Front Ball Kick, Pivot Kick, Inside Boot Kick, Chin Jab/ Double Chin Jab
Targeting: Ears, Eyes, Band Of The Neck, Solar Plexus, Groin, Lower Leg
Falling: Seated, Squatting, Roll, Standing, Standing Roll, Ground Cover
Attempted Grabs: Wrist, Single Hand Reach, Double Arm
Grab Releases: Wrist, Cross Wrist/Two On One Wrist/ Double Wrist Grab, Hand On Chest
Ground Responses - Defensive
Fend Off – A. On Back, B. On Side
Kick Attack
Between Legs Choking/Side Hand Choke
From One Knee
Front Leg Sissor
Seated In Chair Punch

Brown Belt
Secondary Skills: Front Strangle, Pullback Choke, Rear Bar Choke, Forearm Blocking/Shielding, Finger Lock/Wrist Lock, Elbow Over Wrist Lock, Hammer Lock, Front Leg Takedown, Rear Knee Takedown, Outer Reap, Head Twist/ Neck Clinch, Body Throws
Throw Follow Up
Straight Punch Defenses: Straight Punch, Blitz Punch Attack
Round Punch Defenses: Round Punch, Blitz Punch Attack
Kicks: Kick, Knee Strike, High Kick, Turn Kick
Throw Counters: Body Throw, Outer Reap
Ground Responses: Defensive
1. On Back Straddle Choke
2. On Back Straddle Punch
3. On Back Arms Pinned
4. On Back Side Choke
5. On Stomach – Pull Back Choke/Arms Pinned
6. Seated In Chair Pull

Black Belt
Self Defense:
1. Single Wrist Grabs
2. Front Double Wrist
3. Front Choke
4. Rear Choke/ Turnaround
5. Pull Back Choke
6. Single/Double Lapel
7. Front Bear Hug Open/ Clinch
8. Rear Bear Hug Closed, Open, Rear Wrist/Arm Grab
9. Rear Hand On Mouth Arm Grab
10. Push/Shove
11. Hair Grab
12. Back Hair Grab
13. Front Head Lock
14. Rear Head Lock
15. Hammerlock
16. Lunge