School Name: United Scorpion Karate Association
Art(s) Taught: Scorpion Karate
Instructor(s): Founder, Soke, Master Issachar M. James
Email Contact:
Location: Enterprise, Alabama
Phone: 334-475-4309
Detailed Information: www.scorpionkarate1.com

School Name: Cruse Self-Defense Instruction
Art(s) Taught: Kenpo Karate, Boxing
Instructor(s): Sensei Carl S. Cruse
Email Contact: cctcgo@aol.com
Location: Monterey, California
Phone: 831-394-8461
Detailed Information: I specialize in small group or private instruction due to the individual attention that I provide for each particular student or students per class.

School name: Combat Ju-Jitsu Academy
Art(s) taught: Katabami Ryu Ju-Jitsu
Instructor(s): Sensei Alexey Kunin
email contact: info@katabami-jujitsu.com
Location: 7377 Santa Monica Blvd.
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Hikari Ryuza Ryu Do Kan TM
Art(s) taught: Hikari Ryuza Ryu Jujutsu TM, and Danzan Ryu Jujutsu
Instructor(s): Dr. T. R. Crimi, Grandmaster,10th Dan; Adam Days, Associate Professor, 5th Dan; Joy Geary, "Shizumi" Sensei, Senior Master, 4th Dan; Aaron Salzwedel, Senior Master 4th Dan;Sam Gowdy, Instructor, 2nd Dan;
Jolena Salzwedel, Instructor, 2nd Dan
email contact: shizumi2@aol.com
Location: 11990 Sunset Hill Rd., Penn Valley, CA. 95946
Phone: (530) 432-5588
Web site: www.ryuzado.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Hikari Ryuza Ryu Do Kan (TM) is a private school located in the Sierra Foothills in California. It has been in operation for over 26 years now. It is a traditional school for the serious minded student, and offers classes 7 days a week. Specialty classes, such as Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, Women's Self Defense, Children's Classes, Ancient Systems of Healing Arts, and many others are also taught. With over 43 years in the Martial Arts, Dr. Crimi, the founder of Hikari Ryuza Ryu Jujutsu (TM), travels around the world teaching Hikari Ryuza Ryu Jujutsu (TM) and lecturing on Integrative Medicine.

School name: Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido at Mokoto Dojo
Art(s) taught: Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido
Instructor(s): Sensei Joel Fein
email contact: makotoiaido@gmail.com
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Phone: (941)359-9588
Web site: www.MakotoIaido.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Kikyuusonbou-Ryu Ninjutsu
Art(s) taught: Kikyuusonbou-Ryu Ninjutsu
Instructor(s): Phil Ryan
email contact: ninja182@aol.com
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Kikyuusonbou means a life and death matter/an emergency or crisis where survival is threatened.

School name: Vagabond Martial Arts Academy
Art(s) taught: Kempo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Kali, Kuntao, Silat, Jeet Kune Do
Instructor: Grandmaster James Eddings
Location: Marietta, Georgia, USA
Phone: 678-513-4695
Email contact: vagabondarts@yahoo.com, guro.james@gmail.com
Web site: http://www.freewebs.com/vagabondarts/

School name: American Karate & Martial Science
Art(s) taught: American Karate
Instructor(s): Thomas L. Williams
email contact: americankarate1@prodigy.net
Location: Hutchinson, KS
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Black Dragon Martial Arts
Art taught: NinBuKai
Instructors: Daniel Marr, Jay Doss, Ryan Raymond, Tomie Green, Jason Raymond
email contact: instructor@blackdragon.us
Location: Council Bluffs, IA
Web site: http://www.BlackDragon.us/
Detailed Info: Black Dragon Martial Arts is dedicated to providing effective self-defense, in a fun and friendly training environment, at an affordable price. Aspects of the Art includes hand to hand fighting skills, grappling, rolling, in addition to traditional and modern weapons training.

Art(s) taught: SHAOLIN KARATE
email contact: gmneal@shaolin-mmaa.org, or grandmasterneal@yahoo.com
Location: 113 Washington Dr, RICHMOND, KENTUCKY 40475
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2015, RICHMOND, KENTUCKY 40475
Phone: Phone & Fax# (502) 713-0667
E-MAIL: gmneal@shaolin-mmaa.org, or grandmasterneal@yahoo.com
Web site: http://www.shaolin-mmaa.org
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Boston Hapchidado Martial Arts
Art(s) taught: Hapchidado
Instructor(s): Khari Nelson-Moran, Joshu (Boston)
email contact: hapchidado@hotmail.com
Location: Boston, MA.
Phone: (857) 221 - 2586
Web site: http://www.hapchidado.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Founded and overseen by Lester Goodwine Sensei, Hapchidado offers a combined way self defense system with TaeKwon-Do, Aikido, Hung-gar & Ninjustu. Please see our website at http://www.hapchidado.com

School name: Youngsan Karate
Art(s) taught: Goju Ryu, Tae Kwon Do, Self Defense, Pressure/Nerve Point Self Defense, Basic Swords (katana) Program, Bully Prevent, Free Style Martial Arts
Instructor(s): Sensei H. James Young
email contact: youngsankarate@youngsankarate.com
Location: Centreville, Maryland
Phone: 301-651-9516, 443-448-4301
Web site: www.youngsankarate.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words): We specialize in teaching traditional karate from the 'old school' paradime with some new science inferences with the spiritual aspects of Christian Warriors. We also, emphasize the RAD principle, i.e. Respect-Attitude-Discipline, as an expectation from all students, instructors, staff, parents, and visitors. Another matra is "changing one life at a time".

School name: Crouching Tiger Shaolin-Kenpo Karate
Art(s) taught: Crouching Tiger Shaolin-Kenpo Karate
Instructor(s): Carl S. Bailey 3rd
email contact: crouching_tiger_karate@yahoo.com
Location: Academy Street, Calais ME 04619
Phone: (207)214-4945
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Lowery's Karate
Art(s) taught: Ketsugo Goshin-Jutsu
Instructor(s): Chris Lowery, Chief Instructor, John Birge III, Assistant Instructor
email contact: isshinryu4life@hotmail.com
Location: Waterford, Michigan
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School Name: EPIC Freestyle Karate Centers
Art(s) Taught: Kenpo Karate, TaeKwonDo, Judo, Tang Soo Do, Freestyle Karate
Instructor(s): Mr. Tommy Brown
Email Contact: epickarate@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.epickarate.net
Location: Maple Grove, Minnesota
Phone: 763-551-8949
Detailed Information: Specializing in Freestyle Karate for ages 3 and up

School name: Lindsey School of Martial Arts and Self-defense
Art(s) taught: Hapkido
Instructor(s): James Lindsey
email contact: Jel_trainer@yahoo.com
Location: Helena, Montana
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: United Martial Arts Academy
Art(s) taught: Tae Kwon Do (Chang Moo Kwan)
Instructor(s): Joseph Reynolds Glor
email contact: : JoeGlorPmc@Yahoo.Com
Location:330 NORTH MAIN ST HOLLAND NY 14080 suite 1
Phone: 716 796 4587
Web site: www.joeglor.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Century Hapkido
Art(s): Hapkido
Instructor(s): Sean Willis
email contact: tkdconcepts@lycos.com
Location: Forest Hills Rec Center, Burlington, NC
Web site: http://www.tkdconcepts.tripod.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School: United World Martial Arts
Style: UWMA American Freestyle Karate
Instructor: Master Sam Sanchez
Address: 17 Buffalo St. Hamburg, NY 14075
PHONE # (716) 648-8889
E-MAIL: samdsanchez@yahoo.com
WEB PAGE. www.uwma.net
Detailed Info (30-50 words): American Freestyle Karate is a blended system created by Master Sanchez, from his 23 years experience in Martial Arts. Combining such arts as, Isshinryu, Kempo, Kendo, Iado, Kung-Fu, Aikido, Judo, Modern Arnis, Plus Master Sanchezs own Kata's. Classes for ages 4 1/2 and up, with a school thats over 7,000 sq.ft. All clases taught by owners, Master Sam Sanchez & Sensei Butch Klawon.

School name: United Martial Arts Center
Art(s) taught: Nagare Do Sogo Ryu
Instructor(s): Andrew Stigliano (Sifu-Sensei)
email contact: Sogoryu@aol.com
Location: 600-D N. Bicycle Path, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
Phone: 1 (631) 474-0844
Web site: united-karate.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words)

School name: Jujitsu School of Self-Defense
Art(s) taught: Modern Jujitsu Concepts (based on the systems of Small Circle Jujitsu and Kyusho Jitsu pressure points)
Instructor(s): Sensei John Borter, 4th Dan
email contact: JBJujitsu@aol.com
Location: Saratoga Springs YMCA, Old Gick Rd, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Sensei Borter holds these additional ranks - 2nd Dan Tae Kwon Do; 1st Dan Han Mu Kwan Hapkido; 1st Dan Combat Hapkido; 1st Dan United States Jujitsu; 1st Dan Kyusho Jitsu. He is a Member 1997 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and numerous international and national martial arts organizations. He also serves as director and head instructor of PPSD (PressurePoint Self-Defense) and PPDT (Pressure Point Defensive Tactics) systems.

School name: Valadez Kenpo-Ryu Academy
Art(s) taught: Valadez Kenpo-Ryu
Instructor(s): Lawrence Valadez
email contact: vka1@intercomm.com
Location: Reno, NV
Web site: http://www.angelfire.com/extreme4/vka3335
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Trinity Martial Arts Center
Art(s) taught: Freestyle Hapkido
Instructor(s): Ryan Yarbrough
email contact: rhino0205@yahoo.com or ryanyarborugh@worldblackbelt.dom
Location: Highpoint, NC
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name:
Art(s) taught: Warrior Spirit Jujitsu, Goshin Ryu Jujitsu, Chin Na, Close Quarter Combat
Instructor(s): Desmond Phillips, Instructor
email contact: Dlcombat1@outlook com
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: 513-238-2515
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):6 Degree Black Belt - Warrior Spirit Jujitsu, Black Belt - Goshin Ryu Jujitsu, Expert - Chin Na (locking and seizing), Expert - Close Quarter Combat

School Name: North American Freestyle Kenpo Karate
Style: Freestyle Kenpo Karate
Location: Roseburg, Oregon
Website: http://www.kenpo.amosbooks.com
email: kenpo@amosbooks.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Eastern Martial Arts
Art(s) taught: Kan Shu Kenpo
Instructor(s): David Stephenson/ Eric Stephenson
email contact: mstephenson47@yahoo.com
Location: 326 Dayton Ave. Springfield, Ohio 45506
Phone: (937)323-2106
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): We teach Kanshu Kenpo which contains influences from both american and chinese kenpo and kung fu. In addition to actual self defense we also teach students discipline, honor, self confidence and respect

Art(s) taught: Ohio Karate-Do
Instructor(s): Sensei Jamie Sellers
email contact:
Location: Bettsville, Ohio
Web site: sellersmartialarts.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words):We teach quality martial arts to anyone ages 6 years old and older. We strive to keep a safe and fun training atmosphere for all our students. Our system is based on real life self defense with a Karate base and the addition of Judo & Jujitsu techniques at each belt level.

School name: Hydra Martial Arts
Art(s) taught: Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Ryukyu Kobudo Weaponry
Instructor(s): William O. Allison
email contact: woallis@ptdprolog.net
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Phone: 610-767-3915 (fax)
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: Chinese Dragon Kempo
Art(s): Kempo, weapons
Instructor(s): Robert Shook
email contact: imaf100@aol.com.com
Location: Fort Worth TX
Web site: http://www.the-imaf.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words): We offer a video training program that uses target dummies for testing and practice.

School name: Texas Okinawan Goju-kai
Art(s) taught: Okinawan Goju-ryu and Ryukyu Kobu-jutsu are emphasized, Hakutsuru kenpo and Shorin-ryu training are available.
Instructor(s): Shihan Dean Chapman 6th dan Chief Instructor
email contact: gojucom@juno.com
Location: see below
Web site: www.togkf.org
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Locations/Instructors/Systems
Austin, Texas: Sensei Ty Yocham 4th dan Goju-ryu 2nd dan Kobu-jutsu, NYOS School (N. Austin). Round Rock Martial Arts. Forth Degree Martial Arts Ian Forth 4th dan TKD, Sensei Yocham Kobu-jutsu.
N. Dallas (Lake Highlands): Sensei Steve Werther 3rd dan Goju-ryu
Dallas (Walnut Hill): Mr. Brian Heiar 2nd dan Goju-ryu, 2nd dan Kobu-jutsu
Irving: Shihan Chapman 6th dan, Sensei Owens 3rd dan, Sensei Marble 3rd dan
Irving (Valley Ranch): Sensei Marble 3rd dan Goju-ryu / Kobujutsu
Stephenville: Mr. R. Johnson 2nd dan Goju-ryu
Hico: Mr. Gerry Kendall 1st dan Goju-ryu
Fort Worth: Mr. K. Johnson Nidan ho Goju-ryu, 2nd dan US Goju

School name: Martial Arts School of Aikikenjitsu
Art(s) taught: Aikikenjitsu (also definitive ground techniques)
Instructor(s): Robert Mc Dowell, 5th degree black belt
email contact: Aikikenjitsu@blackbelt.zzn.com
Location: Sumner, Washington
Phone: 253-848-7011
Web site: http://www.aikikenjitsu.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Aikikenjitsu was first taught in 1989. It is considered an effective, vicious street art. Techniques were developed using two type of Kenpo Karate and also Aikido and Jujitsu joint locks as a starting base. Idea-teach smaller, weaker people (m&f) to down totally, larger, stronger people. Contents: circular, & reverse circular motion, multiple circular strikes, low kicks, joint lock throws, pressure points, and definitive ground techniques (not wrestling!).

School name: Appalachian Combat Arts
Art(s) taught: Chon Tu Tae Kwon Do, Hard Hand Hapkido
Instructor(s): Hank Williams
email contact:
Location: 401 Federal St, Bluefield, West Virginia 24701
Phone: 304-922-2234; 304-960-0801; 304-921-3607
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words):

School name: The Hornets Nest Academy of Street Survival
Art(s) taught: Wushu,Ju-Jutsu,Karate
Instructor(s): Sifu Stephen V.Colkett
email contact: scolkett@ruralnet.org
Location: Ellenboro, WV
Phone: 304-643-4849
Web site: ritchiekarate.20megsfree.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words):I teach students to avoid, escape or defuse a situation but to have an offensive mindset, when faced with an unavoidable attack be the aggressor rather than the defender, using 5 animal techniques and finishing the opponent with a take down and joint dislocation. The way you train is the way you will respond when attacked.



Art(s) taught: IOTKA & AIKA Isshinryu Karate Ryukyu Kobudo & Ryukonkai Kobudo
Instructor(s): Robert Slywa, Shihan, President OIKA Aust.
email contact: SENSEI@OIKA.NET
Phone: Ph/Fax : 61 2 97346850. Mobile : 61 0418273420
Web site: WEB: www.oika.com.au
Detailed Info (30-50 words):


School: First Nations Combative Martial Arts.
Art(s): Mixed.
Instructor(s): Master Jones, Master Brown, Mr. Fredette, Ms. Callahan, Mr. Koss, Mr. Monkman.
E-mail: fncma@yahoo.com
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Phone:204- 586-2115 or 204-779-6626 cell 204-296-7887.
Website: www.geocities.com/fncma
Detailed Info: First Nations Combative Martial Arts Club offers the complete unarmed self-defense fighting system involving the kicking power of Taekwondo, punching skills of a kick boxer and the grappling skills of Jujitsu.

School name: Monkland Karate School
Art(s) taught: Shorin Ryu Karate
Instructor(s): Master Ron Cotnam
email contact: ron.kara@sympatico.ca
Location: Monkland, Ontario, Canada
Web site:
Detailed Info:

School name: The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute
Art(s) taught: Hapkido
Instructor(s): Master Art Mason, Master Curt Mason
email contact: info@thepeacefulwarriors.org
Location: Windsor, Essex, Belle River, St. Clair Beach, Canada
Phone: (519)956-0577
Web site: www.thepeacefulwarriors.org
Detailed Info: The martial arts of Hapkido taught in a traditional way. Learn the art of self-defense, using the Natural Laws of movement.


School name: Tai Chi Chuan Studio
Art(s) taught: Tai Chi Chuan freestyle
Instructor(s): Peter Beutel and Christine Beutel
email contact: PeterW.Beutel@web.de
Location: Heiningen/Germany
Phone: 0049 7161 42215
Web site: (hopefully in some months)
Detailed Info (30-50 words):
We teach Tai Chi Chuan traditional freestyle according to Al Huang, Tai Chi Bong (Yang style) and Qi Gong exercises for people of all age classes. We set a high value on relaxation, health, flexibility, peace of mind, but also fun and a little self defence.


School name: Hanshi Ryu Karate Do
Art(s) taught: Hanshi Ryu Karate Do
Instructor(s): Soke Gholamreza Gholami/Hanshi
email contact: iranrep@umaai.org
Location: Iran
Web site: www.iran.umaai.org
Detailed Info (30-50 words): I am teaching my new style to my students,Hanshi Ryu Karate Do is mixed from all Karate style and Goshin Karate is mixed. All self defense and karate techniques that I know.


School name: Ross Martial Arts
Art(s) taught: Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Self Defense
Instructor(s): Master Corrado Rosino
email contact: corrado.rosino@gmail.com
Location: Asd Centro Ginnico Azzurra, via Boccardo 10, 10147 Turin, Italy
Phone: +393385898267 +39011218170
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): In our organization we offer courses of Karate Shotokan, Israeli Ju Jitsu, Self Defence for civilians and Courses of Police Operative Techniques.


School name: Eco Do Dojo
Art(s) taught: Eco Do Kempo Karate
Instructor(s): Mihails Pupinsh
email contact: mihails@dau.lv
Location: Latvia, Daugavpils
Web site: www.kempo.dpunet.lv
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Eco Do Dojo is not-profit not big independent Traditional Dojo. During the years of occupation of Latvia by the Soviet Union and prohibition of Karate, we took up under - ground. We see Martial Arts as Combat Martial Arts without politics and limits in styles and ways of thinking.

Association name: International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association
Art(s) taught: Combat Martial Arts
Director(s): Dr.Mihails Pupinsh
email contact: info@icmaua.com
Location: International
Web site: www.icmaua.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words): The International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association is a combat oriented, multi-styled International Martial Arts Unions organization, established to support all combat oriented martial artists.


School name: Tai Chi Apeldoorn Bron van Geluk 'Fu Yuan'
Art(s) taught: Tai Chi Chuan, Taijiquan, Selfdefense, Qi Qong, Monkey Kung Fu, Mindfulness and Meditation
Instructor(s): Laoshi Douwe Geluk
email contact: fuyuan.apeldoorn@gmail.com
Location: Apeldoorn the Netherlands / Holland
Phone: 0031 6518 20257
Web site: http://www.tai-chi-geluk.nl
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Tai Chi Apeldoorn de Bron van Geluk 'Fu Yuan' is the martial arts studio of Laoshi Douwe Geluk. Douwe Geluk is an international renognized teacher in several Chinese Martial Arts as: Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Qong, Chen Taijiquan, How Chuen Sasquatch Kung Fu, Selfdefense and more


School name: Hapchidado Norge Martial Arts & Oslo Hapchidado klubb Art(s) taught: Hapchidado
Instructor(s): Lester Goodwine, Sensei & Founder
email contact: hapchidado@hotmail.com
Location: Stenbratveien 95, 1283 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 411 63808
Web site: http://www.hapchidado.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words): Hapchidado Norge (Oslo, Norway) & Oslo Hapchidado Klubb, (kids club - Oslo, Norway), offer a well rounded, effective, combined way self defense system with TaeKwon-Do, Aikido, Hung-gar & Ninjustu. Please see our website at http://www.hapchidado.com


School name: Glenwood High School Goju'te Jutsu Ryu
Art(s) taught: Goju-Kai Karate-Do
Instructor(s): Thomas G. Mitchell
email contact:
Location: Durban, Natal, South Africa
Web site: http://www.geocities.com/gojutejutsuryu
Detailed Info (30-50 words):


School name: Uppsala Karate Kai
Art(s) taught: Goshin Karate
Instructor(s): Sensei Tommie Petersson, 4th Dan Black Belt
email contact: tommie.petersson@hotmail.com
Location: Uppsala
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words): 

School name:Pyon Moo Sul World Federation & Master Lion`s Pyon Moo Sul Self-Defence School
Art(s) taught:Pyon Moo Sul(Master Lion`s Martial Art System)
Instructor(s):Jörgen Lion Rasmussen
email contact:master.lion.pyon.moo.sul@swipnet.se
Location: Malmö/Sweden
Web site: http://home.swipnet.se/pyonmoosul
Detailed Info (30-50 words):Pyon Moo Sul`s keyword is Learn To Live-Live To Learn, Pyon Moo Sul is based on Korean arts, Pyon Moo Sul also include techniques from other styles to. Pyon Moo Sul is a style that fits all people no matter race or culture,age,sex etc. The founder of Pyon Moo Sul is KwanJangNim/Master Jörgen Lion Rasmussen. All people are welcome to join us as long as they follow the rules of Pyon Moo Sul.

School name: Bengaku Gentan Dojo
Art(s) taught: Kanousei Ryu Ninjutsu
Instructor(s): Sensei Jimmy Wennberg 5th Dan Black Belt, Sempai Christer Fagerstrand Ikkyu, Sempai Johan Nilsson Sankyu
email contact: Kanouseiryu_ninjutsu@hotmail.com
Location: Staffanstorp, Sweden
Phone: 004646256841
Web site: www.kanouseiryu-ninjutsu.com
Detailed Info (30-50 words): A way of Life, Using natural body movements and Natural flow to get the best effect. A flexible martial art.


School name: Ji Do
Art(s) taught: Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do
email contact: hapkwondo6@gmail.com
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Web site:
Detailed Info (30-50 words)


School name: Heijo Shin Dojo
Art(s) taught: Iaido, Karate and Kickboxing
Instructor(s): Kane Corvus
email contact: heijoshiniaido@gmail.com
Location: Derby UK
Web site: Facebook.com/iaidoderby
Detailed Info (30-50 words):


School Listing
School Name Style(s) Location/Contact Email State Country
Hard Target Self-Defense Freestyle Ju-Jitsu San Diego, CA/ CA US
Cordova's Traditional Tae Kwon Do Tae Kwon Do Santa Rosa, CA/ rccordova@aol.com CA US
Jade Tiger Martial Arts Studio Lam-Hu Kuai Jiao-Chin Na Fort Collins, CO, USA/ skerekrohe@hotmail.com CO US
Evolution Martial Arts Practical Taekwondo Guilford, CT/ CT US
North Florida Martial Arts Shotokan Karate Bristol, Fl/ tholmes@nflamartialarts.com http://www.nflamartialarts.com FL US
The Bujutsu Academy Ninjutsu Lakeland, Fla./ BujutsuAcademy@aol.com FL US
Tribesman Jeet Kune Do Academy Orlando, FL/ FL US
Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido at Mokoto Dojo Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido Sarasota, FL/Sensei Joel Fein FL US
Close Quarter Defensive Tactics Close quarters self defense Tampa, Fl/ FL US
Snow Wolf Karate Goju Ryu/Weapons Tampa, FLA/ FL US
James Eddings - teacher Vagabond Martial Arts Vagabond Arts Marietta,GA/vagabondarts@yahoo.com, guro.james@gmail.com GA US
Savannah School Of Tradtional Martial Arts Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Savannah, Georgia/ gcollins46@home.com http://members.tripod.com/~SavannahMartialArts GA US
Budo Ryu Taijutsu / American Ninjutsu Ninjutsu Kansas City, Ks / girlninja2004@yahoo.com KS US
Modern Fighting Concepts Wing Chun - Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Thai Boxing, Grappling, Filipino Kali Vanceburg, KY/ jsambo@ekns.net KY US
Integrated Fighting Arts Institute Integrated Fighting Arts Institute Gretna, La/mdjkd@yahoo.com LA US
Boston Hapchidado Martial Arts Hapchidado Boston, MA / Hapchidado@ hotmail.com MA US
Hapchidado Norge & Oslo Hapchidado Hapchidado Oslo, Norway / Hapchidado@hotmail.com NOR Klubb
Rising Dragon Karate School Ware, MA/ MA US
Crouching Tiger Shaolin-Kenpo Karate Calais, ME/ Carl S. Bailey 3rd ME US
White Dragon Karate Academy Bak Yong Do Cape Girardeau, MO, USA/ jcbruce@selfdefense.zzn.com MO US
Ronin Combat Academy Martial Arts St. Louis, Mo and Granite City, Il/ djones@roninca.com MO US
Byakko Ryu Sogo Budokai Byakko Ryu Sogo Budo St. Louis, MO/ whitetigert1@earthlink.net MO US
Lindsey School of Martial Arts and Self-defense Helena, Montana / Jel_trainer@yahoo.com> MT US
Chuan Chen Dojo Law Enforcement training Rutherford, NC/ NC US
Evans Kempo Karate Shaolin Kempo Karate Jaffrey, NH/ NH US
Goshin Ju Jitsu Kai International Goshin Ju Jitsu NJ/ goshinkaiusa@hotmail.com NJ US
Hurricane Combat Arts Academy Hurricane Martial Arts Las Vegas, NV, USA/ masterfinger@gateway.net NV US
Bo Kuen Tao Martial Arts Academy Bo Kuen Martial Arts Las Vegas, NV/ bokuentao@isat.com NV US
Valadez Kenpo Academy Kenpo Reno, Nevada/ vka1@intercomm.com http://www.angelfire.com/extreme4/vka3335 NV US
United Martial Arts Academy Tae Kwon Do (Chang Moo Kwan) Arcade NY/joeglordotco@yahoo.com NY US
Gilbert Martinez Self-Defense Shoto-Ki-Jitsu Brooklyn, NY, USA/ NY US
Independent Escrima/Arnis Associates Escrima/Arnis Hamburg, New York/ escrima@facets.com http://www.facets.com/escrima NY US
United World Martial Arts UWMA American Freestyle Karate Hamburg, NY /samdsanchez@yahoo.com NY US
Adirondack Taeken-Jitsu Taeken-Jitsu Hudson Falls, NY/ ildokwan@karatepro.com NY US
United Martial Arts Center Integrated Martial Arts Port Jefferson Station, NY (Long Island) Pa/ stig711@aol.com NY US
Eastern Martial Arts Kanshu Kenpo Springfield, OH /dragon45506@yahoo.com OH US
House of Pine Waves Karate Dojo Shotokan Karate do Owasso, OK/phil576@dellepro.com OK US
Philadelphia Academy of Defensive Arts Jujutsu Philadelphia, Pa/ JonFetz@juno.com PA US
Shi Kaze Dojo Warrior Spirit Hapkido Azle, Tx/azle eagle@aol.com TX US
Chinese Dragon Kempo Chinese Dragon Kempo Ft. Worth, Tx/chindragonkempo@aol.com TX US
TCJC Jujitsu Jujitsu Hurst, Tx/ lcarmour@aol.com TX US
Ryukyu Martial Arts Goju-Ryu, White Crane, Kobu-jutsu, Shorin-Ryu Irving, Texas/ gojucom@juno.com TX US
American Dragons TaeKwonDo Dojo TaeKwonDo Watauga, Texas/ TX US
Enri-Jitsu Self Defense System Enri-Jitsu Watauga, TX/ TX US
Shi Kaze Dojo Washiyama Ryu Jujitsu Azle, Tx/azleeagle@aol.com TX US
Aikikenjitsu Martial Arts "Kenpo with Teeth" Sumner, WA / aikikenjitsu_black_belt@yahoo.com> WA US
Appalachian Combat Arts Chon Tu Tae Kwon Do / Hard Hand Hapkido Bluefield, WV/ WV US
Total Fitness Martial Arts Academy Seishin-Kai Jiu-Jitsu Carleton Place, Ont, Canada/ peak@sympatico.ca CAN
The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute Tae Kwon Do/Hapkido Windsor, Ontario, Canada/ instructor@thepeacefulwarriors.org http://www.thepeacefulwarriors.org CAN
Tai Chi Chuan Studio Heiningen/GermanyPeterW.Beutel@t-online.de GER
Camp Doha Martial Arts Shotokan Karate Kuwait/ KUW
Eko Do Kempo Karate Dojo Kempo Karate Kalkuni, Latvia/ mihails@dpu.lv LAT
Master Lion's Pyon Moo Sul Self-Defence School/Pyon Moo Sul World Federation Pyon Moo Sul Malmo, Sweden/ Master Rasmussen SWE