The Close Quarter Fighting System teaches hard-core, real world self-defense techniques. This is not a martial art. The curriculum focuses on fundamental attacks and counters that work with devastating efficiency. The material is based on the close combat skills used by Allied Forces to achieve victory in the Second World War and material developed later by the most successful and efficient hand-to-hand military instructors in the world. The material designed to be mastered in a matter of weeks or months rather than years. The course is instructed by Kirk Simmons.

Instruction covers basic guards, parries, strikes, kicks, strangles, takedowns, ground techniques and self defense.

Testing for a Certificate in Close Quarter Fighting is accomplished with YouTube (or similar) video postings or DVD's in which the student performs the requirements for each level. The testing fee is regularly $20.00, only $15.00 per test/rank for IMAF members.

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Mr. Simmons holds Dan rankings in Sin Moo Hapkido, Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido, Taekwondo, Goshin Jujitsu, Chinese Kenpo (Chuan Fa), American Kenpo, Pressure Point Fighting and White Dragon Kempo. His efforts have been recognized by several organizations: World Martial Arts Masters Society, Budokaikan International, International Assembly of Sokeship, World Nibuikai Budo Federation, International Alliance of Martial Arts Masters, the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Who’s Who in Martial Arts.


Section 1. Basics
1. Fence
2. Crazy Monkey Cover
Parry Drill
Body Movement:
Hand Strikes
Section 2. Strangles, Takedowns and Falling

Section 3. Ground Techniques
1. Ground Cover
2. Ground Fend Off
3. Mounted Choke
4. Mounted Punching
5. Face Down Choke
6. Face Down Punching
1. Football Kick
2. Stomp
3. Knee Ride Drop

Section 4. Self Protection and Combination Follow Up
Combination Follow Ups
1. Aldridge Cowcatcher W/ Kick
2. Boxing Blitz
3. Leg Attack Combo
Self Protection
1. Any Wrist /Arm Grab
2. Clothing Grab
3. Rear Bearhug-Arms Free/ Arms Pinned
4. Rear Strangle
5. Front Bear Hug – Arms Free
6. Front Bear Hug – Arms Pinned
7. Front Choke
8. Opponent Advancing
9. Headlock
10. Rear Headlock
11. Punching Attack
B. Pre-emptive
12. Kicking Attack